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Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference

Membership in the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is open to anyone involved in Law Enforcement Ministry.  This includes Chaplains, Assistant Chaplains, Volunteer Chaplains and even lay volunteers who assist and support programs in jails, prisons or in any capacity involving Law Enforcement.  Membership helps to support the education and training ministry of the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference and allows us to offer affordable training programs for anyone interested in or involved in this type of ministry.  One of the unique aspects of the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is that we include training on ministering to inmates and their families and friends, in addition to ministry to Law Enforcement Officers, officials, staff as well as the families and friends of Law Enforcement personnel.


Membership is NOT Required in order to attend our Annual Training Conference in October. 

50 Dollar Bill

Membership Is Only $50 Per Year!

Membership also provides a discount on the Annual Conference Fee PLUS a 10% Discount on any Conference merchandise, like our Polo Shirts, Chaplain License Plate Frames, pens, leather folders and more!


Membership dues may be paid at the time of the Conference Registration.

Chaplain Jacket

Conference Membership supports the work the Conference does including the annual Servant’s Heart Award given to an individual who has exhibited selfless service above and beyond throughout the year in their personal ministry.

Lifetime Membership Option

This is for Ministers and Chaplains involved in Law Enforcement that have attended the 4-year Conference training with the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference, have applied for, taken and passed the Basic and Senior Certification Test.


$500 ONE-TIME Membership Fee

Lifetime Membership may be paid at one time, or as an Option, you may purchase a Lifetime Membership by paying $100 per year for 5 Consecutive Years.

Your generous choice to become a Member of the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference allowed us to give Two (2) Chaplaincies each a NEW Laptop Computer of their own in 2017 where they did not have sufficient funds to buy onePlease remember that not only credentialed Chaplains are invited to attend the training, but Chaplaincy Volunteers who assist the Chaplains are also invited to attend. Many volunteers who attended past conferences received their training and learned more about what is needed to become a Police or Sheriff Department Chaplain and have since themselves become credentialed Chaplains. Thank you all for attending and supporting the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference and we encourage everyone to become a Member. Please visit the Membership Page above for more information. for their Chaplaincy. 


If you are interested in Membership to support the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference, but can not attend the Annual Conference, you may also select the Membership Level and mail a check to:


Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference
P.O. Box 870
Noblesville, IN 46061

The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 Organization