How We Got Started

The proverbial saying that God closes one door in order to open another door was never truer than in the development of the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference. At the Regional ICPC meeting in 2003 it was made known to us that ICPC would no longer provide a jail tract for Chaplains from Sheriff’s Departments. Those Chaplains who were at the meeting discussed the need for training at the round table discussion.

On February 27, 2003 15 Chaplains gathered at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department to organize and plan what would become the newly formed Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference. At first, it was focused on training for Indiana Sheriff’s Department Chaplains but the vision enlarged to become national as well as for future plans of International training. This meeting became the springboard for the objectives of certification and the standards involved. This also included discussion of what exactly did we want to accomplish and how will the certification benefit local Sheriff Departments.

Over the next three years the establishment of the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference included the levels of certification, the courses needed, a mission and purpose statement and plans to provide training not just for jail chaplains, but for law enforcement chaplains too. These plans also included where to hold the training and who would be the instructors for the needed classes.


As the three years unfolded the development continued and as a result the first Annual Conference was held September 18th and 19th 2006 at the Plainfield Law Enforcement Academy. The Mission Statement: The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is committed to providing support, training, and certification for chaplains as they minister to Department personnel, and their families, inmates and ex-offenders, crime victims and the community and to promoting the establishment of other Chaplaincy Programs will come to fruition with this first training conference.


Board of Directors and Advisory Board

The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference has both a Board of Directors elected by the Membership and an Advisory Board made up of Members appointed by the Board of Directors. The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 organization.

With the help of Almighty God, much prayer and the hard work put in by the many Chaplains who have served over the years, the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference became what it is today. It is hoped that through this whole endeavor many more Chaplaincies will be grown and Chaplains will be trained in various areas of law enforcement and jail chaplaincy. May God be glorified in all!

Why Attend the Annual Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference

Knowledgable Presenters

We carefully select teachers and presenters who have significant training and knowledge of each subject presented each year.

Professional Chaplain Certification

We offer Basic Chaplain Certification and Senior Chaplain Certification. Half of all of the courses needed for certification are presented each year.

Exclusive Information

The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference is the only training for Chaplains that covers both Law Enforcement and Jail Training in its curriculum.

Low Annual Membership Fee

Although becoming a Member is completely OPTIONAL, we offer one the lowest annual membership fee of any professional Chaplaincy organization. Ours if only $50 per year, which provides members a discount on Conference Fees and merchandise.

Master Level Certification

After completing Basic and Senior level Certification, we offer a wide variety of specialized advanced training in our Enrichment Program. Senior Level Chaplains can apply for Master Certification upon acceptance of professional credentials by the Board.

Centrally Located

The Annual Conference is held in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and is conveniently and centrally located for Chaplains anywhere in North America.

Years of Experience

15 +